Tuesday, October 25, 2011

September 2011 in the Garden

Wildlife seen in our garden in September, starting with a bird ringing session on the 1st.

1 grasshopper-warbler-5

A beautiful Grasshopper Warbler, a great surprise to catch one in the garden!

2 grasshopper-warbler-4

3 grasshopper-warbler-2

4 grasshopper-warbler-3

5 grasshopper-warbler-1

6 bluetit

A bluetit being ringed

7 bluetit-2

The ringers grip!

8 chaffinch


9 dunnock


10 goldfinch-1

Juvenile Goldfinch

11 goldfinch-2

It doesn’t yet have red on its head but beautiful markings on its back

12 great-tit

Great Tit

13 greenfinch


14 greenfinch-rosa-rugosa

This ones been feasting on the Rosa Rugosa hips!

15 willow-warbler

Willow Warbler

16 collared-dove

We have had a pair of Collared Doves visit lately

17 collared-dove-2

Not that common in our garden

18 duck-house

The new wildlife pond, complete with duck house, shame the ducks aren’t real!

19 newt

We have newts already!

20 water-hawthorn

The water hawthorn is blooming

21 red-squirrel-black-tail

We have been studying our re squirrels lately as they all have different colouration, we now think there are 5 different individuals that visit the garden to feed.

22 red-squirrel-black-tail-2

This one is Black Tail-blond Tip

23 squirrel-in-box

Look closely and you will see a face, this one prefers to go right inside the feeder to eat!

24 two-squirrels

Two feeding together-Highlights and Squirt


The orange buddleia has been very pretty this year


Peacock Butterfly


Red Admiral


Small Tortoiseshell


A phallic looking Stinkhorn!

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Cindy Garber Iverson said...

LOL! I'm really laughing out loud at the shot of the squirrel that likes to get into the feeder! That's hilarious. Congrats on the newt in your pond too. What a treat!

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage