Sunday, August 21, 2011

July 2011 Birds and Bird Ringing

All these photos were taken in and around our garden during July 2011, some from the window.

1 sparrowhawk-1 (2)

Young male Sparrowhawk on the front gate.

1 sparrowhawk-1

A regular visitor lately

1 sparrowhawk-2 (2)

Keeping a sharp eye on the other birds…

1 sparrowhawk-2

…and the swallows above!

1 sparrowhawk-3

I think he’s seen me!

2 Dunnock-Juv

Young Dunnock

3 great-spotted-woodpecker-juv

Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker-you can tell by the red cap.

4 jay

Jay eyeing up the nuts in the feeder

4 jay-1

We haven’t seen a Jay here for some time, but this one has recently become a regular visitor.

4 jay-2

On the feeding station.

4 jay-on-feeder

Balancing on the feeder

4 jay-on-post

On one of our fence posts

5 siskin-1

Male Siskin

6 warbler


7 buzzard

Buzzard on the post across the road


Whitethroat in the hedgerow

9 ringing blackbird

Ringing a blackbird

9 ringing blackbird-2

A bit feisty, decided to take a bite of Jeans finger!

9 ringing blackbird-3

Better behaved now!

9 ringing dunnock

Juvenile Dunnock

9 ringing fiesty-bluetit

Ouch that hurt, such sweet little birds Bluetits, but not the easiest to get out of a mist net!

9 ringing redpoll

Male Lesser Redpoll

9 ringing redpoll-2


9 ringing whitethroat


9 ringing whitethroat-2

Behaving nicely!

10 ringing-sandmartin-bank

Our local Sand Martin bank

ringing sandmartin-1

Lovely to see a sandmartin closeup

ringing sandmartin-2


ringing sandmartin-3

Kirsty holding a Juvenile…

ringing sandmartin-in-my-hand

…and I got to hold one too!

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