Saturday, May 07, 2011

April Moths and Caterpillars

We occasionally put out a moth trap but many of these moths are caught at the kitchen window, at the outside light or just seen on our wanders. Here is a selection from April, I hope I have named them all correctly!

Water Carpet

Twin Spotted Quaker

Parsnip Moth

Mottled Grey

March Moth

Light or Dark Arches Caterpillar

Hebrew Character

Garden Tiger

Flame Carpet

A stunning female Emperor

Early Tooth Striped

Early Thorn

Early Grey


Double Striped Pug

Dotted Border

Diurnea fagella

Dark Tussock Moth caterpillar at different stages

Dark Sword Grass

Common Quaker

Common Heath

Clouded Silver

Clouded Drab


Brown Silverline

Angle Shades

Agonopterix ciliella or heracliana

Hebrew Character

Common Quaker

Rush Veneer

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Catches the Eye said...

These fasinate me so beautiful each and every one of them Thank you.