Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Loch Lomond - Winter Wonderland 23rd December 2010

A couple of nights stay in Dumbarton to chill out (in more ways than one!) and after the awful experince at Braehead the day before we wanted a long walk and to take plenty of photos. We first headed for Luss on the Western shore of Loch Lomond but the trees werent so frosted and pretty so we headed back to Loch Lomond Shores.
Taken from the layby on the western shore of the loch.

Snowy cottage

Who needs decorations when your Christmas tree is already decorated by Jack Frost!

Aparently as well as several days of freezing temperatures thay had thick fog for a few days previous to our visit.

Every tree was coated in frost and looked beautiful against the blue sky.

A good part of the loch was frozen

Slippery walkway!

Wilderness of Mirrors!

The yacht cub

Careless fisherman!

The Maid of the Loch

Every cobweb was coated

Footpath in the enchanted forest

Frozen burn

Frosted leaves

Robin looking for scraps

Pretty fence

...and seedhead

Frosted railings

Cobwebs adorning the Sealife Centre

No chance!

Cobweb on lifebouy

Frosty beech hedge

He's walking in the air...! He wouldnt strip off to his white long johns and vest to get the full effect, spoil sport!

A bit of open water for the ducks and gulls

They approached me to be fed

Frost fingers on ice

Balloch slipway

Icebound Maid of the Loch

Ice was broken and then refrozen

Ben Lomond

Frost necklace...

...and matching earrings!

Another snowy robin

..and a magpie

I dont think I will!

Where the river meets Loch Lomond

Reflected trees

Balloch House

Reflected swan

Smoke on the water


Frosted barbed wire

Silhouetted moorhen

Ice circle

Laughing crow

Female mallard

Changing light

Ben Lomond

Sometimes he just cant resist it!


Toadstools huddled in a crevice

Lamps in Balloch Castle Country Park

Back accross the bridge

Christmas lights on the Sealife Centre

Loch Lomond Shores

Ailsa on the way home, Christmas Eve, looking like a Xmas pudding with a dusting of icing!


The Glebe Blog said...

What a wonderful winter wonderland.

Sorry to hear of your bad experiences at Braehead,I'd fill in their online form and complain if it was me.
It wont do you any good,but might make you feel better.

Happy New Year

JSK said...

These are stunning! Particularly the frosted trees.

Catches the Eye said...

Beautiful pictures breath- taking I love the web's so very pretty. Thank you for sharing ,sheila.

~mel said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! THANKs for sharing!!