Monday, October 18, 2010

Lady Bay & trying out my new camera harness 9th October 2010

A short trip down to lady bay to see what was about and to try out my new camera harness.

A Silver Y Moth, lots about, it seems a good place for them.

Lots of holes on the beach, evidence of Sandhoppers.

These bigger holes were made by waders probing the sand, probably for the sandhoppers!

Beak marks and footprints

Loch Ryan looking towards Finnarts Bay

Fox Moth Caterpillar

Boat on the shore and the ferry heading towards Belfast

Cloud and corn

My new camera chest harness spreads the weight of my SLR preventing me from getting neck and backache

Strong elastic straps make it really comfortable.

A bit strange at first because of the slight resistance but you soon get used to it.
Something I have since found it particularly good for was taking candid shots as it holds the camera steady against your front and with a remote in your pockets you can take shots without anyone knowing!


Gaina said...

Interesting :) I am looking for a rigid 'chest tripod' at the moment.

Wildforms said...

7dayshop do one and its really cheap at the moment