Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wigtown Bay & Kilsture Forest 19th September 2009

Not a great day weatherwise so headed for Wigtown Harbour, we thought that if it rained we could retreat to the bird hide!

On the way we stopped off at the Moss of Cree to see what was about...

...we didnt see a single bird, but the information boards are very informative...

...and I am sure it is a great habitat for all kinds of wildlife.

Down at Wigtown Harbour the path was flooded by the high tide so we were unable to reach the hide.

The views were great though accross to the Galloway Hills

A Mute Swan & cygnets

Dark clouds were looming over Wigtown but we decided on a walk along the river towards Bladnoch anyway.

A ladybird on one of the stiles.

Plenty of berries about for the birds

I wonder how long this tree has been lying here, probably washed onto the bank by flood water.

Looks like some strange creature!

Reeds washed up by floods.

Danger of death, cast with care!

The weather took a turn for the worse so we headed back towards Wigtown along the old railway line.

This would have been a great circular walk but the paths are poorly marked and the stiles not maintained.

I have never seen the tide so high here, it was a shame to see an old fridge floating in the harbour nature reserve.

I climbed the bank to look over into the pond area as the hide was still cut off. A lone Whooper swan amonst the ducks.

We then headed down towards Garlieston, deciding that a walk in the Kilsture Forest would be more sheltered.

Lots of fungi about

Quite a mixed woodland with a long and a short walk, as usual we decided on the long!

Would recommend as a nice woodland walk especially in Spring and Autumn.

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