Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Loch Ryan Coastal Path 22nd August 2009

We decided to give the new Loch Ryan Coastal Path a try as it has only recently opened. The path goes from Stranraer to Glenapp where it meats up with the South Ayreshire path. We decided to park at Glenapp by the A77 and walk towards Stranraer to see how far we got. We parked oposite Glenapp Church. Not much parking available, I wish when they planned these paths they made it clearer where it was ok to park.
After reading the sign we took the crossed the road to take a look at the church.

Glenapp Church

Birds and lions guard the memorial

James Kyle Mackays Crest

Memorial to James Kyle Mackay First Earl of Inchcape & his wife Jean
After getting our walking gear from the car we took the short walk along the roadside verge to the crossing point.
The A77 can be very busy and fast at this spot and we didnt think this was the best place to cross as the visibility wasnt good.
Across the road and through the gate into the Glenapp

This path was done with the help of the Rotary Club
The path climbed gently up the hill

Cloud shadows across the hills

View towards Loch Ryan with the North Rhins beyond, cant quite see our house from here!

Mike & Pete walking up the hill

Information board above Glenapp church

Lovely blue sky above the heather clad hills

Plenty of Rowan berries for the birds

Mike lining up a shot

Looking back along the track. Just after this the path goes off the main track, down a hill through bracken and through a boggy area.

Plenty of frogs about

The Stenaline HSS heading into Loch Ryan towards Stranraer

Time to rest those feeet and have some lunch on a line of large rocks with a great view.

Son Mike

and hubby Pete

Dry stane dyke with moss & lichen. We walked a bit further, then decided to turn back as we were running out of time. We marked where we turned back on the GPS so we could walk the rest another day.

On the return walk we saw this shieldbug..

... a Dor Beetle...

and a peacock butterfly

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Tom Stevenson said...

A new park has been created at Gleanpp with signs erected to direct motorists. Delighted to see the excellent pictures from the path and hope that you will take more when you walk the remainder.

Tom Stevenson
Stranraer Rotary Coastal Path Group